Cover Charge



 Smoked salmon carpaccio over rocket leaves
 Traditional carpaccio with Brie cheese and crispy capers
 Seafood salad
(Leaves mix, prawn/shrimp, squid, octopus, mussel, cherry tomato and basil)
 Caesar salad
(Iceberg lettuce, Caesar sauce, croutons, Grilled Chicken and Grana Padano shavings)
 Caprese salad with Parma ham
(Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, Parma ham and basil pesto)
 Mixed salad with Minas cheese and cashew nuts
(Leaves mix, tomato, palm heart, Minas cheese and cashew nuts)
 Salmon Tataki with bouquet of green leaves
(Leaves mix, cherry tomato and breaded salmon over sesame crust)
 Chef’s special salad (2 people)
(Leaves mix, buffalo mozzarella, dried tomatoes, palm heart, grilled chicken and special sauce)
Beach salad (2 people)
(Leaves mix, salmon, Edam cheese, cherry tomato and laminated almonds)

Risottos and pasta

Shrimp Risotto with green asparagus
Champagne risotto with smoked salmon, Sicilian lemon and rocket
Malbec risotto with mixed fresh and dried mushrooms Grana Padano shavings
Penne with Emmental Fonduta, Sausage and Broccoli Rag√ļ
Spaghetti fisherman¬īs style
(Spaghetti, champagne sauce, prawn, squid, octopus, mussel, cherry tomato and basil)
Fettuccini Alfredo with parma ham chips and leek

Things from the sea

 Cod with herb crust, broccoli rice and sauté potatoes
Cod with olive oil, roasted punched potatoes, black olives, quail eggs and onions
 Grilled lobster tail with Mediterranean style legumes (seasonal)
Prawn over sesame crust with mushrooms risotto
 Provençal style pink prawn with fettuccine in its sauce
 Whiting steak in prawn sauce and arracacha over vegetable spaghetti
Grilled Tilapia in herbs olive oil with small steamed legumes
 Grilled Tilapia with Brown Rice Spring
Amalfitan yellow fish over capellini with butter
 Yellow fish with mashed plantain and Brazil nuts
 Golden Salmon with Yellow fruits Chutney over Legumes Ratatouille

Meat and poultry

Grilled beef jerky with pumpkin risotto and coalho cheese
 Grilled strip loin with Biro Biro rice, plantain toasted cassava flour with Brazilian nut and vinaigrette sauce
 Rack of lamb in Herbes de Provence with Moroccan couscous and Brazil nuts
 Caprese Rack of Lamb with green bouquet
Grilled lamb in white wine sauce with champagne risotto and laminated almonds
 Baby goat leg in herbs sauce with pumkin risotto and coalho cheese
Filet mignon medallion in white wine sauce, leek, Parma ham with rustic potato and white rice
 Capellini in white sauce with sliced tenderloin in sherry sauce
 Filet mignon half-moons filled with Brie cheese in red wine sauce with Milanese risotto
 Spring chicken with Dijon mustard crust and crunchy herbs toasted cassava flour with Fettuccini Alfredo
Duck Confit in Green Pepper Sauce with Green Apple Puree

Specials for two people

Home-made salt cod stew with white rice and roasted punched potatoes
 Creamy baked cod with broccoli rice
 Prawn in cassava cream with coconut rice and plantain toasted cassava flour with Brazilian nut
 White sauce shrimp, Greek rice and shoestring potatoes
 Shrimp au gratin with Edam cheese and almonds rice
¬†Mutton snapper with Chef¬īs toasted cassava flour and roasted punched potatoes
Fish stew with rice and cassava porridge
 Soft Siri in Coconut Sauce with White Rice and Plantain Toasted Casava Flour with Brazil Nuts (Seasonal)
Sea trilogy fish stew with coconut rice and plantain toasted cassava flour with Brazil nuts and cassava porridge
 Seafood Stew with coconut rice and plantain toasted cassava flour with Brazil nuts and cassava porridge
 Fish stew with coconut rice and plantain toasted cassava flour with Brazil nuts and cassava porridge
 Seafood Quartet and Grilled Legumes with Broccoli Rice
Shrimp paella and lobster
 Seafood paella
 Lobster Thermidor with rustic potato and white rice
 Filet mignon in four cheese sauce with white rice and sauté potato


 Top hat bananas
 Traditional burnt crème
Papaya cream with Cassis liqueur
 Semisweet chocolate petit gateau with vanilla ice cream
 Seasonal fruits
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream with red fruits
Chocolate and almond noodles with caja ganache
Milk Jam puff Pastry
 Condensed milk mini pudding
Trio Chef Patissier
Hazelnut praline with semisweet chocolate
 Brownie with ice cream
 Bicolor Chocolate Verrine with Red Fruits Sauce


O00 Broth (Black beans, fish and prawn)
Cod croquette with black olives tapenade (6 units)
 Crispy prawns with Eastern sauce
 Prawn in olive oil and garlic with sweet Brazilian pepper
Traditional prawn in olive oil and garlic
 Breaded prawn skewer with coalho cheese
 Dices tapioca with shrimp (8 units)
 Prawn surprise with catupiry
 Cod surprise
Breaded gar fillet with tartar sauce
Mini prawn in cassava cream au gratin with coaho cheese
Crispy Crab Pincer
 Gannet Vinaigrette
 Octopus in olive oil and garlic
 Octopus vinaigrette
 Lobster fillet in butter and Sicilian lemon sauce (seasonal)
 Stuffed crab shell au gratin.
Crispi squid with tartar sauce
 Prawn stew
 Charru mussel stew
 Gourmet parma ham.
 Cod pasty with black olives tapenade.
 Mini prawn pasty with bittersweet sauce.
 Mini meat and cheese pasty.
Mini Parma ham croquette.
 Fillet mignon in Madeira sauce
 Argentinian rump cover appetiser
Goat rump cover appetiser
 Goat medallion
Natural oyster portion
 Soft siri in olive oil and garlic (seasonal)
Cold cuts platter (Edam cheese, Grana Padano and Gorgonzola, Parma ham and Italian salami)
Brie cheese puff pasty with apricot and red fruit jam


Super Deluxe Whisky
 Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Bottle)
Johnnie Walker Platinum Label (Bottle)
 Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve (Bottle)

Deluxe Whisky
 Johnnie Walker Double Black
 Johnnie Walker Black
 Old Parr
 Chivas Regal
 Jack Daniels

Standard Whisky
 Johnnie Walker Red Label
 J & B
 White Horse
 Black White

National Whisky


 Baileys (Irish)
 Cointreau (National)
 Frangélico (Italian)
Amarula (South African)
Peachtree (Dutch)
 43 (Spanish)
 Drambuie (Scottish)
 Chartreuse (French)
 Limoncello (Italian)
 Tia Maria (Italian)


¬†C√ģroc (French)
 Ketel One (Dutch)
 Grey Goose (French)
 Stolichnaya (Russian)
 Absolut (Swedish)
 Smirnoff (National)
Smirnoff Ice


 Remy Martin XO
Remy Martin VSOP
 Fundador (Imported)
 Macieira (Imported)
Domecq (National)


¬†Gordon¬īs (Imported)
 Tanqueray (Imported)
¬†Gilbey¬īs / Seagers


 Martini (White, Rosé)


 Havana Club 3 years old
Malibu (Caribbean)
 Bacadi Carta Blanca


 José Cuervo (Mexican)
Blanco (Mexican)
 Extra (Mexican)

Sugar cane brandies / Liquors

¬†Pit√ļ Classic
Pit√ļ Gold
¬†Nega Ful√ī
 Serra Limpa
 Santa Dose
 Steinhäger (imported)
 Sake Gekkeikan Silver (imported)
Sake Jun Daiti (national)
*Other brands under request.

Cold drinks

 Energy Drink
 H2O water Р500 ml
Schweppes Tonic water
 San Pellegrino water Р250 ml
Mineral water (still / sparkling)
Coconut water (Jug )
Coconut water (Glass)
Refrigerant (can)


Boa Viagem –¬†Orange, fig and acerola
Tamandar√© –¬†Hog plum, ginger and mint
Enseada dos Corais –¬†Strawberry, sweet lime and mint
Paiva –¬†Cashew, strawberry and basil
Pina –¬†Lemon, pineapple and mintLim√£o Siciliano, Abacaxi e Hortel√£
Porto de Galinhas –¬†Pineapple, orange and carrot
Praia dos Carneiros –¬†Watermelon, ginger and mint
 Whole grape juice 
Traditional glass
Traditional Jug (540ml)


Pale beer – 300 ml
 Original beer Р600 ml
Stella Artois – Long Neck
 Liber РLong Neck
 Skol Beats РLong Neck
 Malzbier РLong Neck
Bohemia – Long Neck
 Budweiser РLong Neck
 Stella Artois Р975 ml
Norte√Īa – 960 ml
 Quilmes Р970 ml


 Expresso Illy
Capuccino Illy
 Descafeinado Illy

We do not accept checks
10% of the waiter and related not required by good service
Prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18
Do Not Drive if you drink